Our Practice

Our clients’ interests are seldom confined to one area of legal doctrine — neither is our practice.

We are barristers, first and foremost, with the breadth of knowledge and experience to represent interests across a broad spectrum of legal disciplines. As the legal profession becomes increasingly specialized, our practice remains as versatile and dynamic as the clients and businesses we serve.

Commercial disputes between and among multi-national companies in the resource sector are a mainstay of our practice.  Supply contract breaches, product liability claims, franchise rights or inventory protection guarantees are typical examples.

Some of the world’s biggest insurance companies use our services to pursue subrogated tort claims or defend covered claims or coverage suits.

Local and regional companies likewise engage us:  as counsel in shareholder disputes and directors’ liability matters, or to protect proprietary interests.  We have provided services to the courts as counsel for court-appointed receivers, undertaken civil fraud investigations for the financial services industry, and acted as counsel to professional disciplinary tribunals.

Individuals wronged by action or inaction of governmental agencies depend upon our counsel to seek redress.  Employees wrongly terminated by employers call upon Code Hunter for representation.  Defamation, malicious prosecution, trespass and all manner of private wrongs are prosecuted and defended as a regular part of our practice.

Some of the largest corporations in the world retain us, and so do some of the most isolated individuals.  Each client is ensured our integrity, trust and confidentiality.