Code Hunter LLP | Barristers

Our Firm

Code Hunter is a premiere boutique litigation firm based in Calgary, Alberta. We are trial lawyers and advocates, negotiators and trusted business advisors. Our proficiency is representation in trial and appellate courts, as counsel before regulatory tribunals and in arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution forums. The hallmarks of our work are professionalism, legal scholarship, integrity and tenacity.

Our Practice

Versatility is our greatest asset. Litigation and advocacy are seldom confined to one area of law, and neither is our practice. We are barristers, first and foremost, with the breadth of knowledge and experience to represent client interests across a broad spectrum of legal disciplines. Our lawyers routinely act as conflict counsel for other law firms, and as advocates for business, governments and individuals. Alberta may be our home base, but our expertise makes us at home anywhere – from the strong resource economies of the western provinces to inter-jurisdictional disputes involving clients below the 49th parallel.

Our Team

Code Hunter is built upon the quality of its lawyers. We are an elite team of barristers practicing big law in a small, boutique setting. Principals of the firm have well-established reputations at the bar earned through long and varied experience in the practice of law and a sustained interest in continuing legal education. Our practice is innovative and exacting; our expectations extremely high. We are trial lawyers and advocates committed to the pursuit of excellence in our representation of clients.